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About Nana Creme

Nana Creme

Nana Creme is a banana based, non-dairy and vegan ice cream that is free of the eight most common allergens. We use simple ingredients that are not genetically modified, and real fruit for the best tasting ice creme out there. You will never find guar/xanthan gum, artificial coloring/flavoring, or pectin on our ingredient lists. All of our mix-ins (brownies, cookie dough, sugar cookies, and pie crust) and cookies for our ice creme sandwiches are homemade from scratch in our facility. We even make our own homemade strawberry and blueberry jam for our fruit based flavors. Taste the difference here!

Every product wearing the Nana Creme label is produced in our own top eight allergen free facility; because we believe that food is only as safe as the environment that it is made in. We check with all of our suppliers to make sure our ingredients are safe from the top eight allergens. We NEVER purchase ingredients produced on shared lines with any of the top eight allergens, or if we think there is any risk for cross contamination in any way. Safe ice creme is our number one priority.

Have an allergy that isn’t one of the top eight? Please contact us and we will look into your allergy closer, to make sure our product is safe for you.

Find us in a store near you, or better yet- purchase from our online store. But please, check back again soon, because our test kitchen is always creating new products!

Can’t find Nana Creme at a store near you? Please request us! 

Please contact us at for private label and contract manufacturing of allergen friendly or vegan ice cream, ice cream inclusions, baked goods, and/or ice cream sandwiches. 

We LOVE hearing from you! Please reach out with product requests, concerns, compliments, bulk/wholesale orders, or just to say Hi!