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Online Store FAQS

Online orders ship every Tuesday or Wednesday and a styrofoam box with dry ice. If your order does not arrive frozen, we will ship again at our cost.

We usually process orders on Monday, so if you placed your order on a Monday it might not ship until the following week. If you need your order asap for a birthday party or event, please email us to let us know.

Fedex will send you an email on Monday or Tuesday with tracking information.

There is no signature required for packages, and Fedex will leave the package at your door.

Please do not touch dry ice with bare hands. Leave dry ice in a well ventilated area and it will evaporate. Or google "cool things to do with dry ice" and have some bonus fun with your ice cream package. Wait, we didn't say that.

The minimum needed to check out in our online store is 8 products, and the maximum is 10 products. This is because we can only fit 10 products in our coolers. If you would like to order more, you will need to checkout/pay and then shop again. We're working on a better solution for this!

The minimum is 8 units because we need to factor the price of the cooler and dry ice over the products. At check out, you will see a shipping charge. This is only for the Fedex cost. We still have to purchase the styrofoam cooler and dry ice, but we work those costs into the cost of the product and that is why the minimum order is in place. The styrofoam coolers are over $8 each, whew!

We always put our customers first. If there is an issue with your order, please let us know by emailing us at and we will make things right. We're a small company, and still learning how to ship frozen products in the best way possible. Please be patient and kind with us if there is an issue.